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About Sodom Valley Association

Sodom Valley Association was established by the residents of Neot Hakikar and Ein Tamar in 2018 in order to promote the tourism and private business sectors of the area. The association assists in promoting projects in tourism, environmentalism, employment, education and demographic growth of the surrounding settlements in the periphery, through a modern Zionist view of the land of Israel.

The association includes over thirty households and their businesses, all of which reside in the moshav. The members of the association believe in growing from the bottom up; they aspire to develop local entrepreneurship and tourism alongside other professional businesses and technological entrepreneurship.

The association works with full transparency under the Associations’ Registrar and Tax Authorities. The association holds general meetings with all its members, and has a committee elected by the members and by an audit committee, as required by law.

Sodom Valley Association aims to promote joint events and activities to further develop the region.

Feel free to reach out and contact us about upcoming events in the Sodom Area. Please write to Tal, using the contact details below.

Contact the Association:

Yoni Shtern, Chairman of the Sodom Valley Association Email:


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