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Esty’s Ceramics Studio


Studio Telephone:08-6572176

Home telephone:08-6552828


Facebook: esteespoterry@


General Details:

Esty Barak, a ceramicist and artist, invites you to experience the desert through the enjoyment of creation.  There are many sculptural elements and useful tools from the natural environment: motifs of desert views, the earth, vegetation, and the farms.  At the studio, there is a gallery where you can buy or order Esty’s work.

Gallery Hours:

A visit to the studio must be arranged with Esty in advance.

How to Get There:

After entering Neot Hakikar, turn left.  The paved road becomes a dirt road and on the left you will see a sign for the studio.


Under the guidance of Esty, there are activities, lectures, tours, and experiential workshops for groups, children, adults, families, and individuals.  Workshops take place during the day or at night and can be combined with accommodations, refreshments, or a meal.

In addition, Esty’s Ceramics Studio hosts the “International Ceramics Workshop” each year with participating artists from all over the world.

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