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Website usage policy

Welcome to the website of the Sodom square Association R.A 580667525

The association is a registered association in the associations' registrar, and the address of the association is the Neot HaKikar settlement. The association is operating the website in the following URL

Hereinafter the Association website.

By using the website, its contents, and all its services, you imply to your agreement, the user, for the website usage policy terms. The user is requested to read the terms carefully, which defines the rights and obligations of the user towards the website.

To avoid any doubt, the signing in, browsing, and website usage indicate to user affirmation of this policy, and all its comprising terms in this document.

The terms of this agreement are written in a male tone for convenience only.

The usage, the contents, and the information on this website are provided according to the website’s owner. The user shall not argue, claim, demand, complaint in regard to the features, services, the content, the information, the complexity, the limitations, its adeptness for the user’s need, comment, etc.

The use of the website is on the sole responsibility of the website user. The website owners or anyone or their behalf shall not bear any responsibility in regards to the contents, its content, their credibility, authenticity, their effect on computers, computer applications, and any other device that links to the internet communication relating to the website content, its files, the data, and more that exist on the website.

The user has the sole liability for any damage, harm, loss of profit, discomfort, payment, expense, direct or indirect from using this website, the advertised information in it for the user or to any third party by using the contents of the website.

The owner of the website does not bear any liability for the information, the recommendations, the routes, the events, or any other advertised content on the website. The user has sole responsibility for using this information.

For avoiding any doubt, the website contains information about trips, trip routes, and sites for visiting and hiking. The owners of the website are not responsible for the content or the use of this content. The user is solely liable for the use of this content. The written content should not be deemed as a recommendation for the use of the information or the content, and it should not be seen as advice for going on a trip in any route, site, trail, or the use of a third-party supplier.

Internet links from the website or to it from other websites, internet applications of a third party on the website: The links and applications on the website are for the convenience of the user. The website's owners are not responsible for these links, the information advertised on them, or for the use of these links by the user. The website’s owners shall not bear any liability towards damage, destruction, expense or a loss caused to the user or a third party as a direct or indirect result of using these links or these applications.

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